Best Police Vest & Body Armor for Law Enforcement - 2022 Buyer’s Guide

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Best Police Vest & Body Armor for Law Enforcement - 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Best Police Vest Body Armor for Law Enforcement - 2022 Buyer’s Guide

What with gun crime and especially knife attacks on the rise, you don’t need to be reminded of the value of being kitted out in protective vests or similar body armor whilst on sworn duty.To get more news about best bullet proof vests, you can visit official website.

Though bulletproof gear in its strictest sense is still firmly in the realm of science fiction, bullet-resistant tactical vests and the like are proven lifesavers for police in particular.

During the last 3 decades in the United States alone, the lives of several thousand law enforcement officers (not to mention countless military personnel) have been spared thanks to wearing bulletproof tactical vests and plate carriers.

Sadly, not all serving police officers are fortunate enough to be supplied vests by their precinct or receive donated protective gear from a charitable organization.

Even those police officers for whom it’s mandatory wear may be issued hand-me-down tactical vests and such which have been poorly maintained, compromising the level of protection.

That, or peace officers find new department regulation vests uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or too hot to wear.

Yet other police, in the interests of self-preservation, have little choice but to dip into their own pockets to pay for personal body armor.
Body armor for police and law enforcement officers has come a long way since Smith Wesson marketed the ‘Barrier Vest’ back in the early 70s.

Now, there’s a head-spinning amount and variety of modern day body armor up for grabs – soft armor panels and hard armor plates; ballistic, stab/spike, and multi-threat resistant gear; and concealable versus overt vests, to name just a few sorts.

Quite apart from knowing what to look for when choosing police body armor, remember also that what may work for one particular role in police/law enforcement may be far from ideal for another.

So at Bulletproof Zone, to save you the time and trouble, we’ve curated a line-up of some of our top picks of body armor engineered especially for police and other law enforcement officers.