Understanding the Volume of the Ph.D. Thesis Sections

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Understanding the Volume of the Ph.D. Thesis Sections

If we have figured out the total volume of the candidate's research, now it's time to determine the approximate page characteristics of each of the sections. When performing scientific work, the implementation of the principles of consistency, consistency and proportionality remains a priority criterion that determines the https://www.paytowritepaper.com/ skills in working with primary sources, as well as the quality of the presentation of the collected materials and evidence, substantiating one's own position, and the degree of disclosure of the topic.


In the general structure of the Ph.D. thesis, three main sections can be distinguished: introduction, main part and conclusion. Moreover, if we consider the purpose of each of them, we can single out the following feature: the proportionality rule does not fully apply to them. In this case, the volume of the introduction and conclusion will be approximately the same, and the main part accounts for more than 70-80% of the total number of pages of the prepared text. 


Agree, it is quite justified, because it is in the main section that a theoretical explanation and practical proof of the author's position are provided, a description of each step and an explanation of the results obtained, with an emphasis on the problems and the hypothesis.




In the introductory part of the study, the author has to put forward key guidelines, set specific and correct goals, the boundaries of the study in order to fully study and reveal the chosen topic and problem, clearly show https://www.paytowritepaper.com/article-reviews/ position in the face of the hypothesis put forward, substantiate the information base (why he chose these primary sources what is the contribution of researchers and authors, etc.). The average volume of the introduction of a candidate's work reaches up to 10-12 pages, taking into account the observance of all design parameters.


Main part


Main part, also called the direct conduct and presentation (description) of the implemented research from all admissible positions. In the text version, the author will have to show all the main points: study the theory and describe key terms, trends, canons, rules, regulations, methods and approaches to solving the problem, explore the experience of predecessors and predetermine the innovative path. 


Moreover, it is not the works of the past century that should be assessed, but reality, using actual https://www.paytowritepaper.com/college-essay/ resources, the limitation period of which does not exceed 3-5 years. In the practical section, the composition of the study may vary, taking into account the scientific features and belonging of RD to a specific industry charisma (technical, economic, pedagogical, etc. RD).


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