How To Find Quality Commercial Plywood

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How To Find Quality Commercial Plywood

How To Find Quality Commercial Plywood

Are you in the real estate or construction business? Are you looking for quality commercial plywood for your upcoming project? The good news is that you do not have to look any further, If you are looking for quality and durability all in one product, we are your best bet. At EWAY, we provide a wide range of commercial plywood products manufactured from wood sourced from trusted suppliers. To get more news about commercial plywood, you can visit official website.

Commercial plywood: what is it?

Commercial plywood is one of the most popular products used in the construction and real estate sector. Also known as MR-grade plywood, this type of standard plywood is moist resistant and suitable for construction of areas that require dryness. Its MR quality makes the product capable of withstanding humidity and moisture. This is the main reason why commercial plywood is preferred for areas such as homes and offices, it is also commonly used for making furniture, partitioning spaces and paneling walls. Usually, the product is coated with other products to make it even more water resistant.

Benefits of using commercial plywood
Apart from its water resistance quality, commercial plywood comes with many benefits. Firstly, it is cheaper if you compare its price with that of other plywood such as marine plywood. The latter is usually more expensive, also because it is of exterior grade. Commercial plywood, however, is meant for indoor spaces, making it cheaper.

The other advantage of using commercial plywood is that it is less harmful to the environment. By combining different types of wood in its manufacturing, there is economical use of wood. To make the outer parts of the product, some types of wood can be used, usually based on their aesthetic, while the inner layers may comprise cheaper wood. To ensure that the quality of the product is not compromised, the inner layers are made with stronger wood. This also ensures the durability of the product.

Above all, commercial plywood comes in a wide variety of options. Whether you want a plain color or decorated plywood, you can choose based on the aesthetic you are going for.

Why Us?
Whether you are looking for plywood to make decorative furniture or for paneling walls in a home, you can trust our range of commercial plywood products. Linyi EWAY Co. Ltd is one of the most reputed commercial plywood exporters in China. Our products are also imported by many countries across the globe.

Our company is engaged in plywood manufacturing and processing. Having been in business for over 10 years now, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products, our expertise and ever-growing trading business. We also pride ourselves in ensuring that the quality of wood we use is up to par and that it is sourced in an ethical manner.

Our range of products


The good things about choosing our products is that we have a wide range to choose from. Overall, we have 13 commercial plywood product lines, and we ensure production of at least 60 000 cubic meters on an annual basis. With a dedicated team of 260 employees, we ensure that our customers from all over the world are satisfied with our products. Our commitment to our customers, local and foreign, is to provide products that match their expectation. Above all, we provide these products at an affordable proce.
Our commercial plywood products range from hardwood plywood to furniture-grade plywood. Our customers can visit our manufacturing plants and retail shops or browse our products on our website. If you are interested in a product, all you have to do contact our staff and we will give you a quote. We also ship products abroad, and these logistics can be discussed with our customer care service providers.