Advantages | RiFeng rubber compound

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Advantages | RiFeng rubber compound

Advantages | RiFeng rubber compound

In 2021, RiFeng established the polymer materials division, focusing on the R D, production and sales of rubber compounds as the core products. RiFeng rubber compound has the following 8 advantages:

1. Strength advantage:
Listed enterprises have abundant funds and annual sales of nearly 2 billion yuan

2. Capacity advantages:
The annual production capacity is nearly 100000 tons, which can meet the needs of black or color a and B glue

3. Equipment advantages:
Automatic production equipment can meet the series requirements of internal mixing, open refining, filtration, calendering, extrusion and tablet pressing

4. System advantages:
The industry advanced upper and lower auxiliary information system is adopted to meet the requirements of data integration, backtracking and analysis

5. R D advantages:
It has an industry professional technical team and strong R D and innovation ability

6. Quality advantage:
CNAs certification of testing center ensures the stability and consistency of product quality

7. System advantages:
Itfa16949 automobile quality management system, ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system

8. Environmental protection advantages:
Introduce sulfur filtering and incineration environmental protection equipment to escort green production capacity and green enterprises